Janet Posts on Writer’s Blog

Janet Johnston recently published a post on Friday Features for the Out of the Fog Blog on “Risk of Success: Strong Women. Fact? Fiction? Born? Made?

Our own Janet, who promotes herself as a “belly-dancing astrophysicist from MIT” (all true) often speaks at writing conferences but this is her first contribution to a blog.

Out of the Fog Blog

Writing on the subject of women in the sciences, she draws on her experiences at MIT, where “female students were just taking a place away from a man who would use the degree.”  Read Janet’s post and find out how Janet defines a strong woman and a strong person. She’ll also tell you why it dismays her when people wish they could win the lottery to do what they want.

The Out of the Fog Blog is the project of Connie Johnson Hambley, a businesswoman, entrepreneur, writer, creator of reader communities and manager of a “book business.”

Connie describes Friday Features as, “a steady presence on Out of the Fog where I explore the concept of ‘strong women.’ Who are they? What makes them strong? How do we see them in writing and/or in business.”

Read Janet’s Friday Feature “Risk of Success” on the Out of the Fog blog and get her take on the subject. Learn her recipe for talent vs. nerve.  Find out where you fit.