We are always looking for good members, even when we have a full roster of authors. If you are interested, please follow the guidelines below.

nebula, Hubble Space Telescope, Hubble imagesWhy Join SpaceCrafts?

  • If you are interested in honing your writing and critiquing skills . . .
  • if you want your works of fiction to be the best they can possibly be . . .
  • If you are willing to submit your work to a rigorous critiquing process . . .
  • If you are willing to invest the same time and energy on other members’ stories that you wish them to spend on yours . . .

Then consider joining SpaceCrafts by following the procedure outlined below.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions for membership should have the standard short story format, which includes the following:

  • Page numbers upper right
  • Author’s legal name and contact information upper left
  • Title by (your pen name) and (number of words) center
  • Standard 1-inch margins
  • Double spaced.

If you are confused by this formatting, check out the resources and more detailed guidelines at:

Science Fiction& Fantasy Writers of America (

Manuscripts should be not be rough draft. Make them as close to submission-ready as possible.  Check spelling, remove typos, ensure that grammar and punctuation are correct. Spacecrafts is a writing group, not an English class: you need to master the tools of the craft before submitting a piece for admission.

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