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At SpaceCrafts we try to help you through that fantasy world — and many other folks do, too.  There are actually lots of resources in the writer’s world and here are some links to lists, descriptions, explanations, and software that might help you in your quest to have your writing published.

The Craft of Writing

Writing is a craft, an art, a calling and a vocation. It’s also work.  If you want to write, you won’t find the time, you’ll make the time. You won’t wait for the right inspiration to strike or the perfect first sentence to present itself. You won’t worry about writing the Great American Novel right out of the box.

SFWA Logo, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association, SFWAYou’ll just start writing, regardless of where you are or what else needs to be done.  You’ll write on your computer at home, during boring meetings at work, on the shopping list in the grocery store and on the back of an envelope while waiting for a prescription to be filled. The words will come and, the more of them you put down, the more will flood in to take their place.

This list of creative writing resources gives you some guidelines to help with the discipline and process of writing as well as how to get your work published.

Books on How to Write

Books on Getting Published

Writing Blogs and Websites

Formatting Your Work

SFWA posts many articles and posts on proper formatting.  Check out their page of links on

The Elements of Style, Strunk and WhiteGrammar, Spelling & Punctuation

Where to Submit Your Work

Writing Workshops

  • Clarion — The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination
  • Clarion West Writers’ Workshop — The Clarion Foundation
  • Grubstreet — Grubstreet, Inc.

The Business of Publishing

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