About Spacecrafts

Hubble GalaxyWhat do you want to know about the Spacecrafts writer’s group? We’re an established group of writers that has been meeting in the Boston area for over 20 years.  We focus on the science fiction and fantasy genres and our members have published both novels and short stories.

Our members believe firmly that one must enjoy the genre to be able  to critique  it well in the writing of others. So while we may enjoy reading mysteries or romances or historical novels, we do not include authors of those works in the group.   We suspend disbelief at the door.

The SpaceCraft group meets monthly (mostly) and we rotate among the members homes.  Meetings are held on Sunday afternoons.

Who Are We?

Our membership is pretty evenly divided between men and women and ages ranger from 30-something to 60-ish.  some of us are brand-new members while others have been in the group for more than 10 years.  Several are published authors while wanna-be writers are pulling together their first novels.

We share a passionate love for science fiction and fantasy (well, one of us isn’t thrilled about fantasy, but tolerates it).  A former member wrote mysteries. We are also dedicated to writing and improving our writing and helping each other get published!

A Typical Meeting

At our (mostly monthly) meetings, we typically read and comment on three to four works per month, depending on size.  If the submission is a full novel, that will be the only thing we read that month.

Members read the work, edit it,  and draft a written critique that they deliver during the meeting. As we go around the circle, the author listens to the critiques without interrupting (mostly).  A general discussion of the work follows.

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